IT is so long time no see period right? Sangat sibuk dengan kehidupan yang baru bermula. I don't know what the words, but I can say that my life has begin. It's more like reborn time for me.

I'm joining the number 1 Unit Trust Company in Malaysia as a consultant. I learn about market, economic, and the technical part of the world's soul. It is some kind of ordinary thing to share if I just a lady who joining the company. But the amazing thing that I can share is the agency and the academy under the company where I become a trainer.

KASH ACADEMY is one of the best ever academy that I belong to. The academy teach me the meaning of life, how to be the extra-ordinary (XO) person that doing the extra-ordinary things. Yes, it is not easy to act XO, however, you never know if you don't try.

When I mingle around with the people of the KASH ACADEMY, I always feel to chase and grab the success. It is the matter of winning the race among the healthy and wealthy people. Healthy in mind, that creates the positive energy and vibration. Wealthy in heart that creates the big and strong person. And, this is how you put the meaning in your life! Be XO! Do the things that people are not willing to do because of the difficulties in the journey to success.

Orang biasa akan sentiasa mencari jalan mudah untuk senang. Sedangkan jalan mudah itu tidak melayakkan diri mereka untuk berjaya. Orang yang luar biasa, akan merentas segala kepayahan dan kesengsaraan sepanjang perjalanan untuk berjaya. Make your successful deserve for you. That's how we differentiates the true successful person and the loser. However, as you still alive, there are lots of  chances to start over your life.

And here the tips for all of you to start over; 
Choose the right people to mingle around. Ignore the negative people with the negative words, excuses, gossips and blaming. Choose the best book to raise your standard!

*Next time, I'll share about my agency, AL HAFIZ CONSULTANTS